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Activities of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Canadian Section

Ticket Agents

For tickets to an upcoming luncheon or other event hosted by the Canadian Section, please contact one of the volunteer ticket sellers listed below.

Devon Exporation

Darlene Betty

1600, 324 - 8 Ave SW
Phone: (403) 232-7355


Sherry Tarnowski

1377, 150 - 6 Ave SW
Phone: (403) 296-5581

Ryder Scott-Company Canada

Michele Roberts

1100, 530 - 8 Ave. SW
Phone: (403) 262-2799


Janice Kyte

800, 540 - 5 Ave SW
Phone: (403) 264-4311

Suncor Energy

Mary Alice Rooney

2500, 112 - 4 Ave SW
Phone: (403) 269-8639

ConocoPhillips Canada

Wendy Starchuk

P.O. Box 130, 401-9th Avenue SW
Phone: (403) 233-4356

Talisman Energy Inc.

Colleen Woo

3400, 888-3rd St SW
Phone: (403) 237-1588


We wish to thank our sponsors for their generous contributions. For information on joining our 2005 sponsorship program, please click here.


BJ Services
Conroy Ross Partners Limited
Fekete Associates Inc.
Halliburton Energy Services
Schlumberger Limited
Sproule & Associates Limited
United Oil & Gas Consulting Ltd.


APA Petroleum Engineering Inc.

and the following:


Trican Well Service

Primrose Drilling Ventures Ltd.

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